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I believe that life is just better with goats! Seriously, I have a strong belief in being a kind and responsible steward to the earth and animals and it brings me and my family so much joy to watch our herd be happy, healthy, and loved!


My goal is to raise exceptionally healthy and happy animals because

happy goats make yummy milk and strong kids for my family and yours! 


Because of this, the goats on our mini farmstead are pampered in big ways. They enjoy weekly hoof checks and trimming (manipedi anyone?), frequent brushing, free choice hand-selected organic alfalfa hay, vitamin enriched grain, and free choice minerals. I also enjoy building them toys (yes, really). They also can look forward to routine vet visits and yearly vaccinations, blood tests (for CAE/CL/Johne's) and fecals to make sure everyone is both happy and healthy.


I selectively breed my herd very friendly and goats. If a goat is not friendly enough that I trust it around my toddlers, that animal is sold to a better-suited home. I also pay special attention to each kid born on the farm to ensure they get a lot of time being held, played with, and fed by myself and my children so our kids are exceptionally well socialized around adults and children. They even get interaction time with our dogs, barn cat, and chickens!


I also aim to raise unusually quiet goats. All of the goats in my herd now are very quiet (with rare exceptions like kidding season or a missed milking). So, if a goat is too loud, that goat finds a new happy home. I want you to be able to live the dream like I am, of enjoying small dairy goats that can be kept within city limits and around close neighbors without causing a disturbance.


Personality and temperament is hereditary and I plan on making my herd the best backyard milk producers or pets you could hope for!     


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