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Now taking reservation deposits for 2019 kids! Click here to make a reservation! 

TIf you have ever tried to purchase your perfect doeling or herd sire in the Spring, you know how frustrating it can be to be told over and over again, "Sorry, all our kids are sold!" Most breeders who take pride in their quality and breeding plans (especially of hard to find Mini Nubians and award-winning, purebred Nubians) have a waitlist for does before the kids are even conceived. The highest quality kids always go to those with reservations.


If you are planning on starting or adding to your herd, make sure to get your reservations in as soon as you are able because the first pick of kids goes in order of reservations placed. 


The reservation deposit is $50 per kid (non-refundable unless Micki's Mini Farmstead is unable to deliver the requested gender). Each pairing will have 4 reservations available, two per gender. For example, Doe A X Buck B will have reservation slots available for 2 doelings and 2 bucklings. If the pairing does not produce the gender reserved, your deposit will be refunded or transferred to another pairing if possible. 


Final prices of the kids will determine depending on the quality of conformation (how the body is built and if it desirable for show and dairy character). Other factors that may impact price is if there are rare or special qualities the kid has, such as blue eyes or flashy moonspots. General estimates of prices can be found below.


While Micki's Minis reserves the right to retain any kid born on the property to improve our herd. I know each farm and family has different goals and needs. I will help you find the best kid to fit your unique desires! 


   All Mini Nubian kids will be tattooed, disbudded, and registerable through MDGA and TMGR.

         Nigerian Dwarf kids will be tattooed, disbudded, and registerable through ADGA and AGS.

Nubian kids will be tattooed, disbudded, and registerable through ADGA.  


Not sure what you are looking for or what you need to know about owning goats? Please call, text, email, or Facebook me and I'll be more than happy to answer all your questions. 







Note: Micki's Minis will not sell a buck for breeding unless he is of high enough quality that I would use him in my own herd. This helps my farm and yours by maintaining the high quality and reputation of the Micki's Minis line. 


6th Generation (PUREBRED) Mini-Nubian

I was the first breeder in Utah offering PUREBRED, registerable, Mini-Nubians and I'm excited to do it again this year! I have carefully selected my stock and transported beautiful, high generation, goats from out of state from show winning lines and milk awards all to be able to offer you purebred Mini-Nubians. Mini-Nubians are extremely popular but because Mini-Nubians are still a relatively new breed, higher generations (especially purebreds) are difficult to find.


Higher generation Mini-Nubians are much harder to find in Utah and you should expect prices to rise for each higher generation. The reason for price increases is due to the difficulty and length of time it takes for higher generations of quality Mini-Nubians to be born. For example, 4 generation of breeding to get to F4 babies means a minimum of 5-6 years of careful selective breeding which is easier said than done. Breeding pairs are carefully chosen to bring out or eliminate specific traits and new goats are brought in often to bring in new bloodlines and minimize inbreeding. This is no easy task when there are less than a handful of Mini-Nubian breeders in the state!


With Purebred (F6) Mini-Nubians, you should expect pendulous Nubian ears, roman noses, greater milk production than the previous generations, and close to everything you would expect from a standard Nubian, just smaller. 


If you demand quality in your stock, value show quality, notable milk-lines, and want to expand your Mini-Nubian herd in a big way, these are the kids for you!

Mini-Nubian to be in the following range: 

Does (registerable) - $500 - $600

Bucks for breeding (registerable) - $400 - $500

Wethers (castrated males, no papers, great for pets) - $200 - $300




Purebred Nubian

I'm very proud of my Nubian herd this year and am SO excited about offering an exceptional quality of kid this kidding season! Each of my Nubians come from nationally acclaimed, award-winning show herds with stunning dams and sires. Show strength and milk production are top goals in my breeding program while, of course, focusing on providing sweet and docile temperaments that make these Nubians a joy to be around. 

Pricing will vary depending on the breeding pair.

See individual pairings for more specific pricing. 

Does (registerable) - $300 - $600

Bucks for breeding (registerable) - $200 - $500

Wethers (castrated males, no papers, great for pets) - $150 




Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

In order to have the ability to care for each member of my heard on a personal level, I only keep the best of the best in my herd and this year my Nigerian Dwarfs and very limited but absolutely stunning. 


Does (registerable) - $300 - $400

Bucks for breeding (registerable) - $200 - $300

Wethers (castrated males, no papers, great for pets) - $100 - $200








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